Marritta Gillcrease



After beginning a successful career coaching college athletics, Marritta Gillcrease – Rita to her players, teammates and friends – began RitaSpeaks Life LLC to empower women of all ages, teams, and organizations to dominate in every arena.

Through coaching and consulting, Rita helps her clients stop feeling powerless and start feeling unstoppable

Health Coach

Do you feel victorious? Are you fueling your body with the foods, drinks and nutrients that it needs? Diets don’t work, and what works for one person rarely works for all. There is a specific combination of foods that will transform you into a healthy, happy machine. You deserve to go the distance and I can help you take your first steps towards a body that looks and feels good.

Life Coach

Everything you’ve been told about winning is a lie. It’s not a rare happening; it’s not something that only certain people can experience. Winning is a lifestyle! My clients not only have a winning lifestyle but winning mindset. Armed with these two things (and more), you will approach every part of your life, relationships, career and goals with intent to win…and you will!

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Marritta Gillcrease

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